Dork, July 2024 (Wunderhorse cover)

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Pinch yourselves, because the scorching July edition of Dork is so jam-packed with musical brilliance, you might just think you’ve come down with a serious case of sunstroke. But fear not, it’s all deliciously real - and we’re inviting you to dive right in and join the fun.

Leading the charge is the technicolor dreamweaver herself, Remi Wolf, whose new album ‘Big Ideas’ sees her levelling up as pop’s boldest visionary. Remi’s straight-up erasing boundaries with an album that’s brighter - and hotter - than the sun.

Next up, Wallows certainly aren’t suffering from a case of the Difficult Third Album with their new record ‘Model’. Grabbing the listener with a potent cocktail of 2000s indie references and piston-powered choruses, Wallows are every inch a modern guitar band.

Rounding out our cover stars are Wunderhorse, the alt-rock troubadours whose second album ‘Midas’ turns pain into pure gold. Recorded at Nirvana’s hallowed ‘In Utero’ studio, it’s a raw, unflinching portrait of a band coming into their own.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve also got the poetic catharsis of Rachel Chinouriri, the indie anthems of Sea Girls, the skyscraping dance-pop of Becky Hill, the gritty city soundscapes of Been Stellar, the otherworldly musings of Aurora, and the glam-pop audacity of Walt Disco.

And there’s more! We’re diving deep into the soul-baring confessionals of Victoria Canal, the feral energy of scene shakers Divorce, the unapologetic bimbocore of Scene Queen, the absurdist electro-slash-hip-hop-slash-whatever of Sad Night Dynamite, the heart-on-sleeve storytelling of Nell Mescal, the uncompromising hardcore of Knocked Loose, the genre-blurring introspection of Nilüfer Yanya, and the cinematic rock of rising stars Picture Parlour.

Plus - PLUS - Pale Waves are back! Back!! Back!!! We caught up with them as they played a not-so-secret gig under an assumed name at the most exciting Dork’s Night Out so far. We work out everything we know about Lorde’s L4, round out some tasty facts about former Dork cover star Sabrina Carpenter, rank our Garys in celebration of Blossoms’ new album, plus do some maths to work out if we could throw a pop star over a pub. Yes, we’re being serious.

In our Hype section, we’re spotlighting the next generation of game-changers. From the brilliance of our latest Most Exciting New Band, Soft Launch to the lush harmonies of Tiny Habits, the viral pop provocations of Chinchilla, the boundary-pushing alt-pop of King Isis, the Celtic-indie fusion of Brógeal, the youthful indie rock of Cardinals, the retro-tinged Swedish charm of Girl Scout, and the post-punk energy of Radio Free Alice - we’re rammed with acts setting the agenda for what’s to come. And of course, we couldn’t forget to sink our teeth into the biggest records of the month, with verdicts on new releases from Charli XCX, Billie Eilish, and more.